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Listen Up: Audiobooks Appreciation Month

Alright friends, it's Audiobook Appreciation Month! Time to party! 😎

This month we get to celebrate how awesome audiobooks are and all the joy they bring. I'm pumped to share with you all how audiobooks make reading even more fun.

Join the fun by checking out some audiobooks this month. It'll be a blast, I promise!

What makes audiobooks so cool? Well for starters, they make reading super convenient. No more struggling to find time to read—just pop in your earbuds and listen wherever you are! Audiobooks also bring stories to life in a way text on a page never can. The narrator's voice just pulls you right into the story.

That's what I tried to do when I narrated "Kill Three Birds" and the female sections of "Curse of the Spiral." In "Kill Three Birds," under my Alicia Speaks pen name, I wanted my voice to draw listeners into the mystery as main character Hawk investigates a murder.  And in "Curse of the Spiral," the multi-voice narration with me and Jimmy tries to pull you straight into this magical world of Salem and paranormal adventures--making the stories come alive!

So what are you waiting for? Come join the celebration! Dive into "Kill Three Birds" or "Curse of the Spiral" and get swept you away into these immersive tales. The audiobooks will transport you and entertain you. 

Happy listening!

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