Enter to Win a Last Vampire Huntress T-shirt & Join Me on Friday!

Enter to Win a Last Vampire Huntress T-shirt & Join Me on Friday!

Join Me on Friday (12/11) to win a Last Vampire Huntress T-Shirt! Woohoo! 

Can I tell you that I’ve been super excited about the Black Women Are Scary (BWAS) “Dramatic Reading” Podcast for the Last Vampire Huntress! It’s fantastic! 

Make sure you listen because it’s good!

Join Me @ the Macabre Mixer!

BWAS also includes a Macabre Mixer where listeners can connect with authors.  The event is in two parts: 

(1)The first will be in the “living room” where the host (Wi-Moto Nyoka) will lead a Q&A with me as the featured author. 

(2)The second is a series of “games” in which participants break out for one-on-one curated conversations. Each participant should expect to have about 3-5 conversations over the course of 30 minutes. 

Enter to Win a Last Vampire Huntress T-Shirt!

I’ll be giving away a free “Last Vampire Huntress” T-shirt to one lucky participant but you must RSVP here and be in attendance at the Macabre Mixer to win! Winner will be announced at the end of the Mixer.

Event Details and Logistics about the Mixer

The Macabre Mixer is hosted on a new platform called Icebreaker. The platform requires a Google email address to sign in and a computer with a functional webcam. Logging on from your phone is possible, but results might end with super unreliable audio/video.

Date: Friday, December 11th

Time: 8-9pm EST, aka 7-8pm (CST), aka 5-6pm (PST), and so on. You get the idea!

RSVP by 11:59pm EST on December 10th via Google Form.

RSVP today, click on the provided link you receive in your g-mail on Friday (about 15 minutes before start time) and show-up to enter to win! Feel free to share this invite and bring a friend. 

I’d love to talk with you and play some games on Friday. 

Okay, Let’s slay some vampires together! 

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