In Crafting the 101 Badass Superhero Collection My Nieces' have been my biggest supporters

In Crafting the 101 Badass Superhero Affirmations, My Nieces Have Been My Biggest Supporters

As I began creating the 101 Badass Superhero Affirmations collection, I was grieving and struggling. But I also felt determined to empower myself and other Black women through this project.

Several of my nieces supported me in invaluable ways. One niece recognized how the project was helping me navigate my own grief journey.

Another niece gave useful feedback and suggestions to improve the affirmations - like adding more images of Black superheroines and tailoring affirmations to specific archetypes.

A third niece played samples of the audiobook for her coworkers and became my biggest cheerleader, telling me the affirmations would reach and empower many.

A fourth niece helped me evaluate and choose the print book's binding and paper, ensuring the design would come to life. She also loved the Canvas design, inspiring me with her enthusiasm.

All of my nieces helped me see how the affirmations could spark creativity beyond just words. Their insights made this collection more powerful and nuanced. My nieces reminded me that empowering Black women means honoring the unique superhero within each of us.

As I prepare to share these affirmations, I'm filled with the hope that fueled this project - hope that the words will resonate within readers, awakening their inner badass. And hope that my biggest cheerleader was right - that these affirmations will empower others as we navigate life's storms.

My nieces' support shaped this collection and kept me motivated during a difficult time. Their belief in my vision drove me to create the ultimate badass affirmations to empower Black women everywhere.

Check out this information about the release of the collection. 

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