Netflix Warrior Nun: Shotgun Mary, a Black Woman Warrior

Netflix Warrior Nun: Shotgun Mary, a Black Woman Warrior

If you haven’t watched the first season of Warrior Nun, you’ve been warned. SPOILER ALERT! 

Initially, I was dissatisfied with the main character and the plot. I kept fast forwarding through entire sections. It didn’t feel like a girl empowerment series to me. The main character was a damsel in distress with a knife. I’m so tired of shows where the woman is stronger than every one else but mentally is weak, chronically in doubt of herself and is scared of her own powers and abilities. What’s worse to me is that these women are willing to give up everything for the romance subplot and that’s exactly what happened for the first part of the series. 

It was disheartening. 

But I soon realized what kept me watching was Shot Gun Mary (Toya Turner actress).  She was a supporting character but she was everything the weak heroine was not. Here’s a few things about Mary that I enjoyed: 

  • She knows her worth. 
  • She’s empowered.
  • She’s tough and comes from a rough background. 
  • She’s a fighter/First to fight to the death. 
  • She doesn’t trust the establishment. 
  • She knows they’ve been betrayed from the inside but can’t prove it.
  • She’s a crusader on a mission to figure out who killed her sister and friend.
  • She doesn’t take the complete nun’s vow which makes her flexible. 
  • She is a truth teller and reveals the harsh realities. 
  • She’s honorable to her sisters. 
  • She’s kind to the victims and people who have suffered.
  • She’s wise and knew that Ava would join them in the end. 

Admittedly, I continued to watch the series because of Mary. I wanted to know what happened to her. Honestly, I thought the main character was "too stupid to live" but that might be harsh. Mary has the makings of her own series and adventures. NetFlix should really consider it—it is time for a black woman warrior to have her own series. I’m fast becoming a Toya Turner fan! Just sayin’ 

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