Superhero Romance Flash Fiction: “The Ring”

Superhero Romance Flash Fiction: “The Ring”

A superhero sweet read for Valentine’s Day dedicated to my sweety, Howard McCalla. If you'd like to listen to me read it along with you, take a listen on YouTube or my new podcast:

Shawna placed the ring on the kitchen counter. She knew Isaac would see it.  She’d found it in the bottom of his drawer.  She knew she shouldn’t have been snooping but she’d been missing him. While smelling his shirts, she’d found the ring in a cute little heart-shaped box. She didn’t know if he’d been hiding it. Her stomach flip-flopped. Why did he have it tucked away? Would he tell her the truth or lie? With her new enhanced senses, she could tell if he lied and she’d kill him, for it. 

The door opened. Isaac came in and dropped his keys on a green vigilante hero plate. Shawna studied him closely. Should she play this cool or go caped crusader on him? 

“Hey, how was your day?”  Her sentenced ended in a low guttural sound. A part of her wanted to shove the ring in his face. Who’s this for? 

“Not bad.” His brown eyes considered hers, she knew he was waiting for the shoe to drop, they’d been battling each other all week. She didn’t want to be the one to start an argument, again. Gosh, her emotions were all over the place. But this, a ring, for someone else? Was he hiding a love that he couldn’t let go of? Maybe he still held a candle for that pink-haired chick with those high boots and fuchsia mask. 

His scent filled the room.  

Then, her destiny was close to her placing a very sensual but chaste kiss on her forehead. Her arms went rigid then loosened as she closed her eyes. Shawna breathed in Isaac’s scent and wanted to fall into his arms but couldn’t because of her fury. 

He used his superspeed, moving away too quickly. Her eyes popped open. She was mad. She wanted much, much, more from him. Her need for him stronger. The space was cold without him. She inadvertently used her heat vision, burning the kitchen counter but she quickly closed her eyes.  Getting her new abilities under control…

“My presentation went very well. My boss said it was the best he’d seen. I’ll get that promotion I was hoping for…” 

He removed his costumed shirt exposing a buff, honey brown chest. She loved the way he moved. Quick but steady.  Her insides squeezed. Then, she saw that damn ring and the anger rose. 

Isaac thumbed through the mail, obviously, trying not to notice the ring on the counter. 

Shawna wanted to scream. Maybe she should take the ring and aim it straight toward the middle of his head. Would she be able to hit him or would he superspeed away? If she could figure out the trajectory needed, it’d serve him right for hiding it from her. Was it for one of his many super ex-girlfriends? 

Shawna’s enhanced emotions intensified but she ignored them. Should she tell him that they were fated to be together? Jealousy whirled around in her chest. She’d never had such intense reactions before. The change from human to superhuman was more of an adjustment than she’d anticipated. She felt strong emotional ownership for his soul and incredibly hot body. 

Isaac plopped down on his favorite chair and put his feet up. Shawna’s ears roared.  Did he not see that ring sitting there? 

“Shawna?” He asked. “Did you hear me?” 

“What? No…” She bit her tongue.  

“Your favorite show is on Netflix? Come on over so we can watch it together.” He patted the empty space next to him in his chair. Shawna would do more to him than cuddle, if he didn’t tell her about that damn ring. 

“And,” he seductively said. “Bring the ring, so I can tell you all about it.” 

Shawna scooped up the ring, leapt across the room and plopped down on his lap, straddling him. 

“Spill it!” 

He smiled, gazing deeply into her eyes. He pulled her face down to his and kissed her, leaving her wanting. She needed him really badly but she had to know. Did his heart belong to someone else? 

Isaac brushed her soft afro curls to the side. 

“You’re the only woman for me.”  He kissed her some more then paused, whispering, “and, the ring belongs to you, if you want it. Do you want it?” 

He waited for her response. She used her lie detector senses. He spoke the truth! Shawna immediately felt silly. 

Her voice softened but her heart rushed into her ears. “I-I was so jealous.  I thought you were in love with someone else and I was all mad…” 

Isaac chuckled. “My beautiful superhero queen, you are the only woman for me. Never forget that.” 

Shawna’s eyes glistened.  This man truly was her superhero soul mate. 

She breathed. “Yes. Yes. I’ll marry you Isaac Scott and I promise to use my superhuman abilities to be suspicious, jealous, and snoop through your things…every day.” 

“Well,” Isaac laughed. “I look forward to all that. You’re so cute when you’re jealous.”

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