Episode Two Radio Play of the Choice Narrated By Alicia Speaks Adapted from Chosen By the Storm

The Sentinel's Crucible: Audio Drama Episode Two - The Choice

Today marks another thrilling release in the saga of Metronix City's Guardian, the Sentinel. I'm thrilled to present to you "The Choice," the second episode of the "Chosen By Storm: Prequel Teaser" audio drama series. Click here to watch on YouTube or enjoy the embedded video below.

About Episode Two of the Audio Drama:

Episode Two, "The Choice," delves deeper into the tempestuous world of Tia Jackson, who stands on the brink of destiny. In the aftermath of tragedy, a divine encounter with the Goddess Oya presents Tia with a harrowing decision that will forge her into the emblem of justice known as The Sentinel

"Chosen By Storm" is now ready for pre-order. Dive into the full Sentinel Superhero Vigilante Collection by clicking here.

Audio Drama Episode Two Adapted from Chosen By Storm Written By Alicia McCalla

A token of gratitude for accompanying me on this epic venture. Don't miss out on any developments - make sure to subscribe to my mailing list for all the latest news. Embrace the storm as The Sentinel's tale unfolds!

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Alicia McCalla photo credit Dr. Howard McCalla

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