Five Reasons You Should Pay $7.99 to Purchase a Black Vampire Anthology...

Five Reasons You Should Pay $7.99 to Purchase a Black Vampire Anthology...

Times are tough, I know.  Everyone is trying hard to hold onto every dime. A Black Vampire Anthology will be released soon and well, you’ve got to purchase it and I’ll give you five reasons why…

1) Social Activism with your dollars

Supporting a black-owned publisher and black authors is a great way to use your dollars to further the cause.  

2)Underrepresented Authors 

As a black author, it’s a struggle to write the stories of your heart and stay true to your culture and identity.  Taking the time to support underrepresented authors gives them an audience of readers who understand and support the creative struggle. 

3)Support a Small Publisher  

Mocha Memoirs Press has worked tirelessly to bring those stories into the world that mainstream publishers would turn their backs on…  These works do have a smaller audience but must be profitable in order for the imprint to remain in business. 

4)Once in a lifetime purchase 

Seriously, when have you seen a Black vampire anthology with 29 stories? Anthologies like these don’t come around often and when you see them, you must purchase them.  That is all…

5)Sends a clear message that Black SciFi & Fantasy is profitable market

Black Science Fiction & Fantasy is a growing genre. It’s small and there’s lots of potential for growth. Spending $7.99 on this anthology lets the industry know that there’s an audience of readers who are willing to not only say they want Black vampires and vampire hunters but put down the dollars to purchase.  There’s a real market that’s hungry for Black Science Fiction & Fantasy stories and you have the opportunity to show the world that you want to see more stories like these.  

Updated Reason 6) A 2020 Bram Stoker Awards 2020 Preliminary Ballot List

Very proud to see this marvelous anthology on the Bram Stoker Preliminary List.

Click here to order, buy it then share this post and let’s make this anthology a USA Today Bestseller... 

Did I mention that I can’t wait for you to read my short story in the anthology called “The Last Vampire Huntress?” She’s waiting to be discovered along with the other fantastic stories in the anthology. 

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