Vigilante Flash Fiction: "The Red Diamond"

Vigilante Flash Fiction: "The Red Diamond"

Hey everybody and welcome to my short story playground this is Episode #5 of Diverse SciFi and Fantasy Stories Podcast. I’m your host, author, Alicia McCalla. Thanks for tuning in! 

This podcast is all about me honoring my son’s legacy and sharing my diverse science fiction and fantasy stories with the world… 

Welcome to my short stories playground! I love writing and this is a chance for me to show readers my writing style and to play within different genres. Some of these stories could go on to being a larger novel or series and well, others are a chance for me to bounce around ideas and be creative.  


This story I was thinking about: writing a black woman vigilante. 

So why I did I write this one? Well, I wanted to write a story about justice and the theme of “things are not always what they appear to be.” I hope you like it…

Here’s my latest flash fiction short: The Red Diamond

Fat Eddy had my baby sister. 

There was nothing standing in his way of murdering her except my handing him the red diamond. 

I had to steal it first and he knew that… 

Perhaps, he wasn’t as dumb as he looked. He had a point to prove, obviously. 

This was all my fault. 

Fat Eddy got tired of me playing Robinhood with his drug-dealing biz money and paid a healthy ransom to figure out who I really was…  

I wish he’d have just come after me instead. That would’ve been better, but guys like him didn’t get to be where they were by being stupid. If it matters, I don’t have any regrets about stealing money from a king pin and giving it to people who needed it. 

People who were destitute. 

Living in the “D” was hard-enough.  

Detroit had been in significant decline over the years but saying it was on hard times is laughable. The mean streets had gotten vicious. I did what I could to keep it livable. 

I understood the hood. 

That’s how I grew up. From these mean streets, learning what it meant to be on the bottom of drug pushers, dope peddlers, and gang members.  

The gangs ran neighborhoods better than the po-po. The gang money makers were out of control. 

They ran the damn city. Large cats like Fat Eddy. 

Gangs made their own justice—street justice. 

Gang justice killed my older brother.  I witnessed them murder him because he stood up to them and wouldn’t join the 5-street hood boys.

I remember the funeral. The preacher going on and on and on about God. 

Me. I wanted justice. I wanted to balance the scales in a prophetic way—the way you do in the Hood. 

Hood justice was hard and so was I. 

I became the Vigilante, Black Justice, and now 5-street hood boys no longer existed. 

My only fault? 

Not keeping my real identity a secret. Now Fat Eddy held my sister hostage while I was forced to steal the famous “red diamond” to repay him for all the money I’d stolen from him. 


I entered the Enchanted Diamond Jewelry auction house where the diamond was kept. From my research, I knew it was worth at least 1 million. I hadn’t stolen that much from that fat asshole but I guess he really was trying to make his point. 

The auction building was completely dark. Devoid of any power. I’d knocked out the grid for the entire block.  

It was strange, though, they didn’t have guards around. The place was empty and a little eery. 

Something was wrong. I needed to be really careful. Maybe Fat Eddy decided to set me up instead of making me repay him. 

I adjusted my infrared glasses.  Nothing except a bunch of jewelry cases. I tapped the button on my arm screen.  The map lead me to a case in the back room. I crept around and quietly entered the room where the diamond was supposed to be held.  

The room was much larger than it appeared from the outside. High vaulted ceilings and a tall stair case. 

Where is everyone? 

I was expecting some resistance. It couldn’t be this easy. 

I turned up the volume on my headset. I didn’t hear voices but crunching noise. 

Was someone breathing? Taking a smoke, maybe. 

I glanced over in the direction where I smelled smoke. 

Detective John Frank stood on the carpet, the case’s glass crunching beneath his feet. The diamond was gone. 

What was he doing here? 

I paused. 

Yup. That was Detective Frank. 

Big white dude wearing a cheap-ass suit and a dirty trench coat. Seriously, he needed to invest in some stylish digs. 

Was he here to investigate the theft?

Frank put his cigarette out and said. “Looks like they beat you to it.” He motioned toward the busted case. 

“No use in hiding. I know you’re here. I can smell you. I’ve been waiting for you.” His voice was silent but deadly. “The Police Syndicate sent me.” 

Hmm. The Police Syndicate. Did Fat Eddy tell them who I was? 

“The syndicate is working for Fat Eddy now?” My voice modulator made me sound masculine and gruff, hard.

He chuckled. “No. Eddy is just greedy and put a high ransom out for the diamond. We figured you would show-up and try to steal it, too. But you’re too late.”

I smiled but he couldn’t see me. The Police Syndicate was mad. I’d gone all out with my vigilantism, stole from them and hog tied a group of dirty cops in front of the news station with proof. 

What can I say? 

I’m an equal-opportunity vigilante. 

“You’ve stepped on the wrong foot and must be handled, appropriately. Payback and all…” 

He took something and swallowed. 


I laughed. The voice modulator in full-effect. “You’re going to take me down, all by yourself?” 

Before I knew it, he was across the room and on-top of me. 


Dude was on ICE, the drug that gave people dangerous super human abilities. The good news was the stuff only lasted for a few minutes. The bad news was, I’d never used it so didn’t have the strength to stop him.  

What I lacked in strength my exoskeleton suit made up for… 

I jumped high and attached to the edge the vaulted ceiling. I thought about pulling the vent cover off and escaping but I was too slow. 

Frank shot from the ground, barreling towards me. I held my spot then at the last second, I moved and allowed him to hit the wall. 

He grunted. 

I dropped down and so did Frank. 

He undid his tie. 

I think he was getting serious with me, now. 

I set my timer. 

His super strength could only last 2 more minutes-tops. He sprang towards me. 

If I hadn’t been wearing high-heeled combat boots, he would’ve engulfed me. Instead we stood toe-to-toe. He punched me, swinging hard. That shit hurt, even through the suit’s protection but I shook it off. I punched him as hard as I could. I knew one thing, hitting him wouldn’t do me any favors. 

I’d have to do this another way. 

Physics. That’s what I needed. 

I released the grappling gun from my holster.

I shot the hook toward the top edge of the staircase. 

It attached.

Frank kept coming. 

I ducked when Frank threw his next punch. 

He missed me, again. 

His body tumbled toward one side and I kept him moving around in circles until the rope was loosely tied around his body. 

He swung at me again but this time, I’d attached the other hook onto his belt loop. Then, I leaped up to the top of the staircase, grabbed the first hook and dropped down, allowing my body weight to do the work by pulling him up like a make-shift pulley. While he kicked and spun, I allowed the rest of the rope to ravel around and around until he couldn’t move. 

He was trapped. 

And, just in time for the drug to wear off. 


I stood there breathing hard. 

The lights popped back on. 


I took off my infrared glasses. I had to get out of here and I still didn’t have the damn diamond. 

I was pretty sure the Police Syndicate and Fat Eddy hadn’t teamed up. 

Frank moaned. 

He was going to have a horrible headache, later. 

I couldn’t think about the fact that he’d attacked me or what I did to piss of the Police Syndicate. 

They needed to get in line. 

Right now, I had to track down the red diamond thief and save my sister. 

But who stole it?

I had an idea. 

I’d wait for the police to show up. I had unique insight and could help them. I strolled out of the auction house and waited for the Po-Po a couple of blocks over in my souped-up Thunderbird. 

It’d be a while before they arrived. It was the Detroit police. It’d take them at least an hour. 

I made a few adjustments while I waited then drove to the Auction house. 

Lights were flashing. 

Yup. They’d arrived. I let the two cops enter.

Hmm…I think I knew them. 

I called them Officers Bunny and Klud, not their real names of course but it fit them. 

I entered the building. I’d took out my cornrows and allowed my curly afro to be free as well as changed into my hot black dress and large spiky red heels. I pushed my breasts up higher. Apparently, I was willing to do anything even pimp myself out. 

My nerves were raw. If I didn’t bring Fat Eddy that diamond he was going to kill my baby sister. 

The two officers were in the room, looking up at Frank. They’d almost got him down. 

One of them saw me. Officer Bunny drew his firearm.

I immediately put my hands-up. A sista’ can’t be too careful even when the police officers were black. 

Then, Bunny or rather Barney returned his weapon to the holster. “Detective Armstrong. You scared the shit out of me.”

I smiled at him. He kinda looked like a Bunny. I said,“I was on my way to a hot date and heard the radio.” 

Officer Cloud helped Detective Frank into a nearby chair. 

My brain was racing. 

I knew three things:

1. I had to find that damn diamond and save my sister. 

2. I had to kill Fat Eddy because he knew my real identity. 

“Frank, you look like hell.” I tried to use my best Detective’s voice. It sounded so different without voice modulation.  “Who kicked the shit out of you?” 

Frank looked at me with this weird grin on his face but I don’t think he recognized me as Black Justice. 

And, 3. I’d have to kill my partner because he was an ice addict and was working for the Police Syndicate.

So, I love hearing what readers think about my work, if you think this story should become something more or you just want to let me know what you think about it, feel free to post a comment on my blog or email me from the contact form on my website. 

Just in case you wanted to know about my current work in progress. I’m rewriting XJ , the protagonist from Breaking Free, as a superhero. Here’s a short description of what I’ve been working on. It may change but this is the core: 

Title Book #1: Becoming a Hero 

TAG Line: When choosing to become a hero can mean becoming a vigilante killer…

Series Title: Heroes League Legacy 

Movie/TV Tie-In: Batman Dark Universe Meets Divergent

Book Cover Blurb: 

Outside the safety of post-apocalyptic Domed-Atlanta, heroes and villains constantly battle to the death. Life is safer for those who declare neutrality. XJ Patterson is constantly bullied by her stepsister for wanting to be a hero. XJ becomes sick of the bullying and retaliates. She even believes she’s won. Then, her stepsister’s bullying takes a horrible turn and endangers the life of her mother. No one in her neutral world will lift a finger to save her undocumented mom who has declared herself a hero. XJ is devastated and knows she is the only person who can save her mother. There’s only one problem, XJ must use illegal tech mods to boost her genetic super abilities. 

With great power comes a warped mind... 

XJ must resist the addiction to the mods or end-up a dangerous vigilante killer like her mother and grandmother. 

I’m author Alicia McCalla and I write Science Fiction & Fantasy stories for readers who want diverse protagonists and unique storylines. If you enjoyed this episode and want to support me or donate to my cup of tea fund, just head over to my blog on my website, find this post and click on the donate button at the bottom! 

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