Heroes League Legacy


Which Supervillain murdered her grandfather?

XJ Patterson is the only superhuman in Domed-Atlanta who is not addicted to her technology modifications. Her grandfather genetically-edited her DNA and built a special modification just for her. The technology her grandfather created is what lead to his murder. XJ is stronger and more powerful but she must keep her abilities a secret because she might get killed too. If she could figure out who murdered her grandfather and bring them to justice, she could share his technology and save the citizens. XJ traverses the city hiding her secret abilities as she tries to unravel the conspiracy that killed her grandfather, bring the supervillain to justice and save Domed-Atlanta from an escalating modification addiction that threatens to destroy them all. 

(Book One)

With great power comes a warped mind... 

In Domed-Atlanta, anyone can declare themselves a hero or a villain. All you have to do is use modifications that substantially boost your genetic and tech-enhanced super abilities. But there’s a price to be paid for boosting your abilities: the real and potent danger of uncontrollable addiction to the modifications as well as being vilified by the declared neutral population who have an overwhelming fear and hatred of all things “hero or villain” after constant violence have destroyed almost everything.  

She's the only superhuman not addicted but must keep it a secret...

XJ Patterson is the only superhuman not addicted to her modifications. Her grandfather genetically-edited her DNA and created a special set just for her. XJ knows she could save the people in the city by sharing the technology but can’t because the same supervillain who murdered her grandfather would most certainly kill her. Try as she might to figure out which supervillain murdered her grandfather and bring them to justice, she keeps hitting a brick wall that causes her to be frustrated. 

Then in an unusual turn of events, superhuman students from the CAGE Academy begin to die because of suspicious MOD malfunctions. Someone is using her grandfather’s scientific signature to kill these students. XJ is angry. She knows someone is destroying her grandfather’s legacy. XJ investigates but her anger gets in the way. She makes a critical mistake that points the finger squarely at her mother. Now, her hero mom is the prime suspect and wrongfully accused of killing the students. XJ is devastated. She must learn to refocus her outrage and expose the real villain or face losing her mom to heroes reprogramming forever. 

The original concept for this series was previously published as Breaking Free. This book’s concept is completely new and re-imagined as a superhero story. 



What if your mom was abducted?

What if the people who held her hostage wanted to erase her mind?

Seventeen year old XJ Patterson is genetically enhanced. So is her revolutionary mother, Dorothy. CAGE, the Coalition to Assimilate Genetically Enhanced Persons, abducts Dorothy because she crossed the wrong person. XJ wants to rescue her mother, but she won’t join the revolution to do it. If she becomes a revolutionary, she can’t live a normal life. And all she wants is to be normal.

Brandon Miller wants XJ to be his girlfriend. He doesn’t care that she’s poor and he’s rich. He doesn’t care that she’s black and he’s white. But right now, his priority is convincing her to tell her story on Revolution TV.

Can he convince XJ in time to help her rescue Dorothy from the CAGE mind sweep?

Breaking Free is the original concept story for Becoming a Hero.

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