Alicia McCalla Lists 10 Reasons Why She Chose Saddle-Stitch Binding for Her Affirmations Book

10 Reasons Why I Chose Saddle Stitch Binding for My Affirmation Book

As an author, the binding and format of your book is an important decision. I chose saddle stitch binding for my new release, 101 Badass Superhero Affirmations: Positive Thoughts for Black Women. Here are 10 reasons why I think this was absolutely the right choice:

1. Durability. Saddle stitch binding uses industrial-strength staples to securely bind the pages together. This means the book can withstand frequent use and travel with the reader. The staples provide structure so the pages don’t start falling apart.

2. Flexibility. The stapled binding allows the book to lay flat or bend, so readers can easily write in the margins or highlight passages. The flexible spine makes it ideal for interactive or workbook-style books.

3. Economical. Saddle stitch binding is a very cost-effective method. Without the use of glue, it saves on production costs. I can pass that savings onto my readers and offer an affordable product.

4. Quick Production. The saddle stitch process is fast, taking only minutes to bind the pages together. This means I can get my book into the hands of readers quickly without a long wait time.

5. Environmentally Friendly. Since no harsh chemicals or glues are used, saddle stitch binding is an eco-friendly option. There is no waste or toxic byproducts released, so I feel good about the environmental impact.

6. Visually Appealing. The stapled binding gives the book a stylish, magazine-like feel that many readers prefer. The visible staples add an industrial edge to the overall design.

7. Easy to Open and Close. Readers can open and close a saddle stitched book with one hand. The cover and pages move freely for effortless navigating. This makes it ideal for an interactive affirmations book.

9. Premium Paper and Glossy Cover. I chose 80# Coated White Premium Paper and a glossy cover to showcase 16 stunning full page images of Black Women Superheroes. The high quality materials give the book an elegant, bold look and feel.

10. Nostalgic Feel. For many readers, saddle stitch binding evokes memories of reading comic books as a child. It gives the book a nostalgic, old-school feel.

It took me seven attempts to get this book right. I'm excited about my choice of saddle stitch binding for my interactive affirmation book. Please check out my new release, 101 Badass Superhero Affirmations, to see saddle stitch in action in this short video.
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