Exclusive Oya Merchandise and Pre-Order for Chosen By Storm

Launch Alert: “Chosen By Storm” PreQuel Teaser Pre-Order Drop!

Get Ready for the Storm!

The prequel teaser to the Sentinel Superhero Vigilante Serial, “Chosen By Storm,” is finally here! You can now pre-order the eBook, Audiobook, and special Bundle, which will be released on February 13, 2024. [LINK to purchase] This prequel dives deep into the origins of Tia Jackson's transformation into the protector of Metronix City, unveiling the first sparks that ignited her legendary journey.

Listen to the Audio Drama! 

I'm also excited to release the 3-part audio drama based on the "Chosen By Storm" Teaser. I had lots of fun creating it using my voice, ElevenLabs voices, and sound effects. Check out Episode One of the Audio Drama here

Exclusive Oya Merchandise Coming Soon!

To celebrate, I’m also rolling out an exclusive line of merchandise featuring Oya. Be on the lookout over the next few weeks as I release:

  • OYA Kiss-Cut Stickers
  • OYA Hardcover Journal Matte
  • OYA Softstyle T-Shirt and Women's Favorite Tee
  • Oya Unisex Long Sleeve Shirt and a Heavy Blend™ Hooded Sweatshirt

These unique items aren't just merchandise; they're a statement and a symbol of inner strength and heroism. I'm too thrilled to share these. 

Pre-Order Chosen By Storm Sentinel Superhero Vigilante Serial


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Thank you for your unwavering support and enthusiasm. Your passion fuels this journey, and I can't wait for you to experience all that I have in store. Let's embark on this adventure together – into the storm, where legends are born and heroes rise!

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