Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka Tano: The Badass Jedi Superheroine We Need

The new Disney+ series Star Wars: Ahsoka has stormed onto the scene, bringing us the thrilling backstory of one of the most iconic heroines in the galaxy far, far away. And I am here for it!

Watching the legendary ex-Jedi Ahsoka Tano take down enemies with her dual white lightsabers satisfies my inner Black girl nerd on so many levels. As a fellow badass Black heroine who follows her own path, Ahsoka represents everything I want to see in on-screen representation.

Right from the opening scenes, Ahsoka grabs you with its electrifying action as Ahsoka fearlessly confronts endless waves of blaster fire head-on. Her jaw-dropping Force abilities and combat skills are a sight to behold.

Beyond the non-stop action, I love how the show portrays Ahsoka as a complex, nuanced character with shades of gray. She is disciplined yet defiant, powerful yet vulnerable. After leaving the flawed Jedi Order, she still fights for others with an evolved moral code all her own.

The stellar supporting characters add depth to Ahsoka's journey. The hilariously snarky nurse droid and the complicated villains who match our heroine's cunning left me wanting more. And Ahsoka's relationship with her inexperienced Padawan injects meaningful themes of mentorship.

Each thrilling episode speeds by far too quickly, leaving me counting down the days for more. I cannot overstate my excitement to finally see this badass Black Jedi brought to life in live action. Ahsoka Tano is the empowering representation we need. She gives me hope for a new era of multifaceted Black women superheroes who forge their own paths.

The future looks bright thanks to heroines like Ahsoka blazing the way with lightsabers in hand! Who else is watching this groundbreaking series? Let me know in the comments, and may the Force be with you!

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I love these thoughts Rich! And I agree, on the Hans Solo and Obi Wan shows. Great to hear from you.

Alicia McCalla

Well… Disney-StarWars has made female strong characters in most of their recent work: star wars episode 7/8/9- ray who finally ends the emperors reign and stars a new era absent the sith or jedi; rogue one- the daughter of the death star engineer, absent any force, who sacrifices all and guides others to make important choices and sacrificial choices to do one good while very powerful deed;Mandalorian show- Boka Tan changes from a defeated isolated leader to a better communal leader, even getting guidance by a man plus older woman, still with great fighting skill, who succeeds in fufilling her goal of uniting her people; Book of Boba- fennec shand survives being betrayed by a younger man and becomes the trusted second in command, while visibly more dangerous than her boss, an older m, to an independent underworld empire; Ashoka Tano- has Ashoka who: admits she was/is wrong, survive failure, is extremely skilled plus lethal, trusts others to help to a collective goal, and moves in a very non offensive way, and chooses to continue training a child, no one, not even a very experienced purely logical machine, thinks has a chance of finishing her education. And is accompanied by a green skinned female general who always seems level headed but never follows orders blindly and is very sharp minded. A female padwan with the least amount of obvious impressiveness, a sign of how self loathing moth gideon was, who is full of love, who finally accepts her mandalorian roots. With female strong villains in a grey haired witch who is strong and in charge, but not flashy, while a young female warrior dedicated to a master but with a honest cruel streak. So the writers at the Star WArs section of disney have been working on female strong characters from the Stars wars films for a while, and they seem to be getting better with age. And the quality of male characters to the writers credit don’t seem to be getting worse but are staying with them. I think the problem with the hans solo movie or the obi wan kinobi show was the male leads.

Richard Murray

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