A beautiful brown-skinned woman as a Jedi with braids, full body portrait, action pose, one white light saber, Star Wars, fantasy art, hyper-realistic, afrofuturism looking forward and ready for action.

Badass Affirmation of the Week: I AM A JEDI!

This week's badass affirmation is:

After finishing the Ahsoka series with my hubby, I felt inspired by the powerful Jedi warrior and created this stunning image. When I look at this strong Jedi woman ready for action, I'm reminded of the incredible strengths within each of us. Like a Jedi, we all have hidden reserves of power waiting to be unlocked.

What is your superpower - compassion, courage, vision? How will you wield your inner lightsaber of truth to transform the world around you? Believe in your ability to inspire change and uplift others. You have the skills and training to be a beacon of hope, empowering those around you.

We all face challenges we must overcome and wrongs we wish to right. Though obstacles loom, the Force fuels us to keep progressing toward a brighter future. Let this affirmation ignite your inner Jedi hero. Use your unique gifts and abilities to uplift others. Spread the light and may the Force be with you!

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Alicia McCalla photo credit Dr. Howard McCalla

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