Chosen By Storm Prequel Book Birthday Celebration

Chosen By Storm Is Here: Join the Book Birthday Celebration!

I'm so excited - today is finally the big release day for my Chosen By Storm prequel teaser! *Happy dance* I can't believe Tia Jackson's origin story is now out in the world.

To celebrate this special book birthday, I'm inviting you to take 15% off the entire Chosen By Storm Collection for a limited time. Use code OYA to get a discount on the ebook, audiobook, and exclusive Oya merchandise [LINK].

The response to the pre-order was fantastic. It means so much to see everyone as excited as I am to dive deeper into Tia's backstory and how she became a legendary hero.

Chosen By Storm takes us back to the early days of Tia's journey - back before the superpowers, before the mask. Here we see what drives Tia's unrelenting pursuit of justice. Hers is a story of courage awakening, strength rising from sorrow, and a young woman's path to becoming the Sentinel Metronix City desperately needs.

Chosen By Storm Book Birthday

I hope this glimpse into Tia's origins inspires you like it did me. May we all draw from her spirit in our own battles for what's right. Wishing you joy as you embark on Tia's prequel journey. And thank you for celebrating this book birthday with me!

Be sure to use code OYA for 15% off. [LINKSale ends on Sunday, February 18 at 11:59pm.

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