Why Marie Moreau Played By Jaz Sinclair in Gen V Is My Favorite New Badass Black Woman Superhero. Images of Marie using her abilities to control blood.

Why Marie Moreau in Gen V Is My Favorite New Badass Black Woman Superhero

I just finished binge watching the first season of Gen V on Prime Video, and I am beyond impressed with the show. While all of the characters are compelling in their own way, there was one character who really stood out to me - Marie Moreau, played by the incredibly talented Jaz Sinclair. Marie's journey throughout the season showed why she is such an inspiring example of a badass Black woman superhero.

If you haven't watched the show, be forewarned. SPOILER ALERT below.

From the very first episode, it was clear that Marie had overcome so much adversity in her life. Discovering her powers as a young girl led to a tragic event that impacted her forever. Yet that trauma did not define Marie - it strengthened her resolve to help others. Even after years of growing up in a group home, Marie never lost her sense of empathy and desire to do good. She arrived at Godolkin University with dreams of joining the elite superhero team The Seven, but not for herself - she wanted to heal her past relationship with her sister.

Marie's abilities allow her to control and weaponize her own blood, making her a force to be reckoned with. But what I loved most was that she didn't rely solely on her powers - Marie is extremely intelligent, a strategist who carefully weighed her options. She faced challenges throughout the season with both brains and brawn. No matter the obstacle, Marie persevered with courage, resilience, and grace. She supported her friends while also remaining true to her values.

The season finale showed Marie embracing fully who she is - a bold, brilliant Black woman who will not be deterred from fighting for justice. She inspires me because Marie serves as a reminder that through determination and compassion, we can overcome any hardship. I look forward to seeing where Marie's journey leads in future seasons of Gen V. This powerful character proves that representation matters, and I am so grateful to now have Marie Moreau as one of my favorite new Black women superheroes.

Have you been watching Gen V? If so, let me know what you think in the comments.

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