Alicia McCalla sitting on the couch writing in her journal and covered in the I am a superhero Blanket

How I Wind Down After Boosting My Inner Superhero

After powering up my inner superhero with an affirmations session, I take time to wind down so I can transition smoothly into my day. Here’s my tried and true ritual:

First, I grab my velveteen plush blanket and wrap it around my shoulders. The soft, sumptuous feel of the velvet is so comforting.

Next, I pair my blanket with my I AM A SUPERHERO journal that I use during my affirmations practice. I jot down any final thoughts or reflections from my session to cement those inspirational words in my mind.

Then I rearrange myself on the couch, getting extra cozy in my blanket cocoon. I take deep breaths as I simply rest for a few precious moments.

Watch the video on my channel to see my wind-down ritual in action. Taking the time for this mindful transition between my inner work and the rest of my day makes a huge difference in keeping my energy and focus up all afternoon.

Try creating your own wind-down ritual using simple objects that bring you comfort. Let me know how it goes!
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Alicia McCalla photo credit Dr. Howard McCalla

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