Alicia McCalla describes her darkest moments that shaped her to finish the Badass Superhero Affirmations Collection

How My Darkest Moments Birthed the Badass Superhero Affirmations Collection to Lift Other Women

When the idea came to me to create the 101 Badass Superhero Affirmations Collection, I tried to ignore it due to my deep shame and guilt over being a grieving mother. I didn't want to publicly acknowledge my daily struggles or pain.

During the creation process, I wrestled with my perfectionism as well as emotional eating, and self-doubts. To make matters worse, I was attacked twice by racist and sexist trolls.  One group of trolls personally attacked me for sharing about the legacy of Black women superheroes and the other told me my ideas about a Black woman being a Jedi were delusional. Both of these experiences knocked me hard and drudged up feelings of doubt and being unqualified.

But the idea persisted and my muse refused to be denied. In fact, my muse was relentless. 

After months of avoidance, I surrendered to my muse. As I worked through the inner critic and emotional saboteurs, family and friends rallied with support, especially my beautiful nieces. My husband encouraged me on multiple occasions to give myself grace.

Creating the products was difficult. I agonized over every detail, revising words and images endlessly. It took me 7-samples to finally get it right. I gained 20 pounds during this time as I coped with illness, lack of exercise, and emotional eating. But I persevered and put my all into crafting products I'd be proud of.

Recently, when I was spending time with my sister-in-law in the hospital, I felt encouraged when she said she was inspired by the affirmations, I knew creating this collection was worth it. Someone needed these words of empowerment.

Now as the 101 Badass Superhero Affirmations Collection launches, I'm immensely proud though the journey was fraught with struggles: grieving, self-doubt, shame, attacks, and health issues. I'm glad I pushed through to share these with the world. 

If you need these affirmations, please use and share them so you can be the hero you were meant to be. I poured my heart into this collection through tears and triumphs, and I hope it inspires and lifts you as it has lifted me through my darkest moments.

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Alicia McCalla photo credit Dr. Howard McCalla

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