How to Become an Afro Puff Superhero

How to Become an Afro Puff Superhero

I've always wanted to be an Afro Puff superhero. When I thought about what image would inspire other Black women and young girls to want to hold their heads up a little higher while wearing a cape, I had to have an Afro Puff Superhero.

My superhero collection is near and dear to my heart. How do you become an Afro Puff Superhero?

1) Wear “Power in the Puffs” Superhero T-Shirt.
2) Put your hands on you hips.
3)Look off into the horizon as you contemplate saving the world…

Superhero advice from Alicia McCalla is priceless!
Eye Mask & Cape not required! 😇

Truth, Justice and the #BlackGirlMagic Way!


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Alicia McCalla photo credit Dr. Howard McCalla

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