My Audiobook Recording Studio is Set-Up!

My Audiobook Recording Studio is Set-Up!

I’m super stoked that my audiobook recording Studio is all set-up! Woohoo! It’s been an adventure but I’ve enjoyed getting to this point. I can’t say it was easy.  I had to take several courses as well as do some intensive research but I figured out what I needed and purchased several items:

Sound Panels


Command Stickers

Bar Stools 

iPad Stand

Mic Stand 

Yes, the recording studio is in my closet which my hubby finds very humorous but it felt very cozy in there when I practiced. Overall,  I believe this is going to be an amazing adventure. 

Have you read my Superhero Short Reads Audiobook?  It was my first attempt at “Record By Author” audiobooks.  Next, I think I’ll record all of my backlist titles.  This is going to be lots of fun!  I just love the idea of using my voice to dramatize my story vision. 

If you love audiobooks, let me know what you think about authors recording their own audiobooks. It’s been a very empowering venture and I hope reader listeners enjoy these. 

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