Black woman superhero vigilante Author Alicia McCalla's next serial story

The Hero I've Been Searching For...

For years as an author, I've struggled to find the right story and character to bring to life. The journey has had many twists and turns, but I'm thrilled to finally be developing a new superhero vigilante tale that resonates deeply. While I still can't reveal all the details yet, I want to provide an early glimpse into this new world.

When envisioning this latest protagonist, I knew immediately she was the kind of complex, inspiring hero I've been wanting to create. By day she fights injustice and upholds her principles. By night, supernatural abilities allow her to protect the vulnerable when the system fails. Her quest for justice knows no bounds.

I aspire to craft the type of authentic, empowering Black female superhero that resonates as deeply with readers as iconic heroes like Batman and Wonder Woman. Her strength comes not just from special gifts but from unwavering dedication to her community. She represents the heroism that lives within us all.

As with any journey, challenges await. But her determination gives me inspiration daily as I write this tale. My hope is that you'll be gripped by her journey toward justice and its many unpredictable twists and turns.

Though the full story remains under wraps for now, rest assured an exciting new defender is rising! I can't wait to finally unveil the origin story I've been searching for. A new kind of superhero is coming soon!

And yes, next few weeks I'll share more about the format this storyline will take. It's a little unconventional but I've been pumped and wanting to write in the serial format for a long time. 

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