Digital collage of four Black women upholding archetypes - proudly Black, independent, resilient through struggles, and changing rules with bold thinking.

Badass Black Girl Magic: My Favorite Superheroes to Write

I’ve been working on a new project and I began to think about the kinds of characters I love to write and why. When I create characters for my books, I am inspired by the real-life resilience I see in Black women every day. I'm continually in awe of our strength to not only survive struggles but transform them into something beautiful and empowering. This fuels my desire to create unapologetic Black superheroines who lift as they rise.

As an author who loves crafting strong black female characters, there are certain types of heroines that really get my creativity flowing. I call them my "badass black girl magic" archetypes, and they're the foundation for the books I love to write.

At the core is the "Unapologetically Black" queen. She proudly embraces her culture unfiltered, refusing to hide any part of herself to please others. Her confidence inspires self-love in readers.

I also adore the "Fiercely Independent" warrior. Through grit and talent alone she rises to the top, proving she doesn't need approval from anyone but herself. She's a role model for inner strength.

Another favorite is the "Battle-Hardened Badass" who survives against all odds with her indomitable spirit. No struggle can defeat her determined will to keep fighting injustice. She teaches that courage overcomes adversity.

Finally, the "Rebellious Rule-Breaker" superheroine bucks restrictive stereotypes by forging her own path as a relentless maverick of change. She encourages thinking outside the box to advance progress.

I hope exploring these "badass black girl magic" archetypes in my novels will provide audiences with compelling black female heroes to admire. Let me know if any of these superwomen spark your curiosity or imagination!

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