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How to Create Your Badass Superhero Affirmation Cards: Step-By-Step Instructions

I'm excited to share the easy step-by-step process for creating your own badass superhero affirmation cards. These cards can be empowering for strengthening your mindset and achieving your goals. Follow along with the instructions below or watch a video that shows the full DIY process.

- Start with high-quality 65 lb bright white cardstock. This provides sturdiness for frequent use but is still easy to cut.

- Load cardstock into a basic printer (I use an Inkjet Printer).

- Print the badass superhero affirmations on one side of each page. Printing double-sided can lead to uneven cards that are hard to cut out.

- Carefully cut out each affirmation card along the printed frame lines for clean edges. You can even have these laminated to make them stronger. 

-You're done and ready to use your cards! It's that easy!

But these added steps and tips will help cement your mindset: 

- Slide completed affirmation cards into your wallet, purse, or other places you'll see them daily. You can also stick one on your mirror or use one as a bookmark.

- Remember to place the affirmation cards anywhere that will provide an empowering reminder of your inner superhero!

- Use these DIY affirmation cards daily to boost confidence and motivate action.

Let me know if you need any other tips on creating your own customized affirmation cards! I'm happy to help empower you on your journey. And, if you need a pick me up every week, join my affirmations list below. 

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