Cover Reveal Companion Workbook for 101 Badass Affirmations a Black Women dressed in Afrofuturistic Superhero Costume with Blue Electric Abilities

The Superhero Within: Revealing the Cover of My Companion Workbook for the 101 Badass Superhero Affirmations Book

I'm thrilled to reveal the cover for the Companion Workbook to 101 Badass Superhero Affirmations! This cover captures the essence of empowerment, resilience, and embracing one's inner superhero that I aimed to inspire with the affirmations and reflections in this workbook.

The stunning image features a Black woman dressed in an AfroFuturistic superhero costume wielding the power of blue electricity. Her pose exudes strength, confidence, and a readiness to conquer any challenge. This visual reinforces that within each of us resides a superhero with extraordinary abilities waiting to be unleashed.

The Companion Workbook provides 32 days of affirmations, journal prompts, and empowering activities to help readers tap into their inner strength and manifest the future they desire. I created this workbook to reinforce the messages from 101 Badass Superhero Affirmations and give readers a sacred space to go deeper into self-reflection and cultivate an unstoppable mindset.

The cover model radiates the resilient and courageous spirit that I want readers to embrace through using this workbook. My hope is that readers will see themselves in her image and be ignited to view themselves as the superheroes of their own lives. The possibilities for transformation and empowerment are endless for the woman who chooses to journey with this companion guide.

I'm elated to share this stunning cover with all of you. The Companion Workbook: 101 Badass Superhero Affirmations (Positive Thoughts for Black Women) will be released soon.

Stay Tuned...

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Alicia McCalla photo credit Dr. Howard McCalla

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