In 2022 I’m Reading Female Assassins…

In 2022 I’m Reading Female Assassins…

What’s my idea of perfect happiness? Having the time to read highly engaging stories that I can’t put down. I love being sucked into worlds with women who are kick-ass characters and are deeply involved in incredible plots. I love connecting with those characters and what they are doing, especially if they are warriors, fighters or assassins.  My favorites are in fantasy worlds. I’m okay with Epic or Urban Fantasy. 

Each year on GoodReads, I make a firm commitment to engage in my happiness by reading a certain number of books for the year. I love the reading challenge. So much fun to do!  If you’re on GoodReads, make sure you follow me here.

This year, I’d love to add to my list of Female Assassins.  In the past, I’ve read the Throne of Glass Series and the Spider’s Bite series. Both were lots of fun and I enjoy reading a good female assassin with questionable morals.  She’s got to be a professional when it comes to killing… 

What about you? 

What’s your perfect happiness when it comes to reading? I’d love to hear about it.

And, if you have any female assassin suggestions for me, respond to this post. I love to try out some highly engaging reads, especially if they come highly recommended. 

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