Final Episode of the Audio Drama for The Sentinel Superhero Vigilante PreQuel Teaser

FINAL EPISODE: Unveiling The Sentinel in 'Chosen By Storm' Episode 3

As the creator of 'The Sentinel', I've been mesmerized by the intricate dance of light and shadow, and how it parallels the complexities of justice and heroism. Today, I am thrilled to share with you Episode 3 of the Audio Drama adapted from the 'Chosen By Storm' Prequel Teaser, a narrative that delves into the depths of darkness to reveal the light of justice.

If you haven’t listened to the previous episodes, here are the links:

About Episode Three

In this final episode of the prequel teaser, we traverse the nocturnal heart of Metronix City alongside The Sentinel, a guardian not born from mere circumstance, but from the necessity of hope in the face of despair. She is the embodiment of the silent strength that lurks within all who have weathered life’s storms and emerged with the resolve to protect others. Listen to Episode Three on YouTube [LINK] or in the video embedded below.

This episode is more than the conclusion of a teaser; it is the promise of a saga that extends an invitation to all who seek refuge in tales of valor. It is for every listener who has looked into the night and yearned for a hero, for every soul that has desired to make a difference against overwhelming darkness.

As The Sentinel whispers her oath to the city she loves, as she confronts the shadows with unyielding courage, we too are reminded of the power we possess to face our own battles, to be the light in the shadows for others.

Chosen By Storm Audio Drama Read By Alicia Speaks

Join me in this immersive experience by signing up for my list to be the first to know when Season One of the Sentinel drops. This Superhero Vigilante Serial is the place where a hero rises not just in the pages of a story, but within the hearts of us all.

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