Create a Peace Corner Author Alicia McCalla Holding a Canvas Print of Black Women Superheroes next to her wall to create her Peace Corner

Nourish Your Spirit with a Peace Corner: A Sanctuary for Superheroines

As Black women, we constantly uplift others, shatter barriers, and lead movements. But even the strongest superheroes need to refuel. That’s why a designated “Peace Corner” is so vital. This is a space solely for you to recharge your mind, body, and spirit. Decorate it with items that speak to your inner magic - your intellect, resilience, and compassion. Make it a true haven.

Escape here to reset anxious thoughts, spark creativity, or simply breathe deeply for a few moments. You deserve to relax and reconnect with your power.

Canvas Print

Sis, your Peace Corner allows you to shine-on as you keep breaking new ground. This sacred space is an act of radical self-love. Protect your peace.





10 key benefits of creating your own Peace Corner: 

  1. Reset an overwhelmed mind in tranquil stillness.
  2. Replenish your spirit with empowering mantras.
  3. Restore energy through calming scents and soft textures.
  4. Get centered with intention-setting, meditation, and reflection.
  5. Spark inspiration for your next passion project.
  6. Gain focus in a tidy oasis, minimizing clutter.
  7. Cultivate calm by relaxing muscles and breathing deeply.
  8. Feel empowered surrounded by art and quotes of your strengths.
  9. Practice self-care by giving yourself this time guilt-free.
  10. Anchor it with the “I Am a Superhero” canvas print of Black women role models.

Even if you just have a small corner, make it distinctly yours. Add cozy lighting, affirming art, whatever nourishes you. Your Peace Corner allows you to keep pouring from your well of inner power. You deserve this sacred space, Queen.

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