Witches of Salem Career Author Event: My fascination with Tituba Grows

Witches of Salem Career Author Event: My fascination with Tituba Grows

This July, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Boston and participate in the Witches of Salem Career Author Event. It was a grand adventure. My hubby received a Boston Red Sox game ball from Fenway Park on his birthday. I also had the wonderful opportunity to hang out with some of my favorite writer buddies. 

I sincerely learned a lot about the history of witches and witchcraft. I also gained invaluable information about the Salem witch trials and how persecution can be dangerous. All in all fellowship with other writers was fantastic and there may even be a short story in the making. 

During the conference,  I found myself fascinated, enthralled and intrigued with Tituba.  I became more and more curious. Hubby and I drove to her gravesite to view her headstone. 

Now, I started to research and dig deeper, I’ve seen references to her character in popular fiction and TV shows like American Coven Horror Story and then there’s the historical figure… Seemingly I have way more questions than answers. 

(1)She survived and walked away. 

(2)She was ground zero-first to be accused because of the stories she told the girls. 

(3)There appears to be confusion surrounding her race was she indigenous or mixed race. She’s listed as being from Barbados or Columbia or Brazil. 

I’ve put together a list of books that I want to read. Her’s My Reading List on Tituba

*Tituba, Reluctant Witch of Salem

*I, Tituba, Black Witch of Salem

Do you know more about Tituba? Who was she? Love to hear your thoughts… 

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