Underrated But Unforgettable An Interview with @Blackheroclub and Alicia McCalla

Underrated But Unforgettable: Discussing Black Women Superheroes in Comics with Andre Christon

I recently came across Andre Christon on Instagram where he shares thoughtful video commentary on Black superheroes, especially spotlighting some of the most compelling yet underrated Black women superheroes. As an author and blogger dedicated to celebrating and empowering Black women, I was intrigued by Andre's knowledge and passion for highlighting the complex stories of Black women in comics.

Though the comic book industry still has a long way to go in providing adequate representation and opportunity for Black women characters, Andre gives me hope that true fans who value diversity are advocating for change. I wanted to pick his brain on some of the most inspiring Black women superheroes, underutilized characters with mainstream potential, and how the industry can improve to better reflect its diverse readership.

In our conversation, Andre brings up many characters I'm familiar with and some I'm eager to research further. His perspectives on the impact of Black women superheroes during the 1970s and how their representation has evolved is enlightening. Most of all, I appreciate how thoughtful and intentional Andre is in considering the kinds of empowering stories and abilities he'd like to see for new Black women superheroes.

Please enjoy this insightful interview with Andre Christon, an avid comic collector dedicated to celebrating Black excellence in his own creative way. His passion for comics that reflect the true diversity of human experiences is inspiring, and a reminder of the kind of representation all readers deserve.

Can you tell me a little about yourself?

Andre: I’m Batman! Just kidding my name is Andre Christon I’m 32 years old. I’m on the quest of finding my happiness and inner peace. Men’s mental health is important let’s please normalize this. I don’t have a lot to say about myself, I’m a laidback person, I enjoy good conversation, my hobbies are working out, writing, reading a good book or listening to a podcast. Pizza is life. God blesses me every day. I enjoy a good physiological/thriller movie. I’m still a big kid I watch cartoons and anime yes there’s a difference. I’m still on my self discovery journey but I’m having fun and learning along the way. “People run to a fantasy to momentarily escape reality, sometimes they struggle to get back, Always be kind!”

Alicia: As a comic collector, which lesser-known Black woman superhero do you think deserves more attention and why? 

Andre: As a collector I’m happy to see more black super-heroine representation in comics, it’s hard to pick just 1. Danielle Foccart aka Computo Created by: Paul Levitz and Keith Giffen 1st appearance: Legion of Super-Heroes Annual #1, 1982 Powers: Technopathy allowing her to talk to, access information and command machines. Her intellect also appeared to have grown beyond that of a typical human being. She has a legion flight ring which allows her to fly. She has an interesting origin story. 

Alicia: Are there any independent Black woman superhero characters that you've come across in your collecting that you think have mainstream potential?

Andre: Karen Beecher Aka Bumble Bee of the Teen Titans. Her power suit gives her superhuman strength, flight, and armor that project her from sonic blasts. She can also shrink to insect size. I don’t think she has her own comics like Storm or Vixen but she is an independent character that has earned her own comic and she has the potential to become mainstream. 

Alicia: Historically, which decade produced the most compelling and complex Black woman superhero characters in your opinion? Why do you think that is?

Andre: The 70’s-80’s in my opinion. 

Nubia 1973

Storm 1975

Misty Knight 1975

Bumble Bee 1977

Vixen 1981

 Monica Rambeau 1982  

Alicia: Do you have a favorite storyline or issue featuring a Black woman superhero that you think is underrated? What makes that story stand out to you? 

Andre: The daughter of Steel Natasha Irons she’s an Ally to team Superman and is a highly underrated character in DC she has genius level intelligence. She’s technically is a black female Superman. 

Alicia: What superpowers or abilities would you like to see in new Black woman superhero characters? How would those powers/abilities add to representation?

Andre: I would enjoy seeing a black female detective who has the power to become invisible to help her solve crimes! I would like to reference the book (INVISIBLE MAN BY RAlPH ELLISON). Which shows the struggles of Black people in America feeling lost or invisible. 

Alicia: If you could see any Black woman superhero brought to the big screen, who would you choose and why do you think she deserves a film adaptation? 

Andre: I would love to see Rocket from milestone comics. She has an incredible journey of overcoming addiction. I would love to see her origin story come to life on the big screen. 

Alicia: What are some of the biggest missed opportunities in the comic industry when it comes to Black women superheroes and how the industry can improve representation going forward?  

Andre: I’m not educated on this matter. My educated guess is “MONEY FROM SALES” if not enough comics, action figures, or toys sale then industries won’t promote or advocate for diversity because why produce products that don’t sell. I do think the industry can do better by trying to do better with promoting and lowering prices on products, but it relies more on us as consumers to be a voice for what we want. 

Alicia: Please tell my audience how they can find you and learn more about you. 

Andre: Right now, I’m doing this for fun a healthy outlet where I can express my interest in comics. I hope this will help you in your endeavors to create a beautiful blog for black women--all women! Thank you for allowing me to freely share my opinions. 

You can follow Andre Christon on Instagram at @Blackherosclub

Thank you Andre for a great interview!

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