Alicia Speaks Home Sound Booth with her Latest Project 101 Badass Superhero Affirmations Audiobook

Working on 101 Badass Superhero Affirmations Audiobook as Alicia Speaks Narrator

I wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes update on my latest project that has me super excited. This week, I'm stepping into the role of narrator to record the audiobook version of "101 Badass Superhero Affirmations: Positive Thoughts for Black Women." I'm having an absolute blast bringing these affirmations to life!

Being the narrator for this book is a special experience for me. As I read through each affirmation, I can feel the power and significance of the words. It's incredible to witness how these affirmations can uplift and inspire. It's like tapping into a well of strength and resilience, not only for myself but for all the listeners out there.

As I narrate these affirmations, my goal is to make the experience immersive and impactful. I want each word to resonate deep within your soul and ignite that fire within you. It's a powerful journey, filled with moments of self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation.

I find so much joy in narrating audiobooks, and this one holds a special place in my heart. It's a testament to the incredible power that Black women possess. Through my voice, I want to honor and celebrate the strength, courage, and resilience that we embody. It's a reminder that we are superheroes in our own right, capable of achieving greatness.

I can't wait for you to listen to the audiobook version of "101 Badass Superhero Affirmations: Positive Thoughts for Black Women." I hope that my narration brings an extra layer of magic and inspiration to these affirmations. 

And remember, June is Audiobook Appreciation Month! It's the perfect time to celebrate the joy and impact of audiobooks. If you missed my previous post about it, you can click here to check it out and join the celebration.

Thank you all for your incredible support. I'm truly grateful for each and every one of you. Stay tuned for more updates on the release date of the audiobook and exclusive content.

Sending you all love and positive vibes. 

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