Week 3 of 3 Superhero Launch Event Print Books are released for the 101 Badass Affirmations Book and Workbook

The Wait is Over - 101 Badass Superhero Affirmations Print Book & Companion Workbook Now Available!

I'm thrilled to announce that after months of preparation, my empowering 101 Badass Superhero Affirmations print book and companion workbook are now ready for purchase!

This third and final week of my launch celebration marks the official release of the print edition that so many of you have been eagerly awaiting.

Inside the premium print book, you'll find:

- 101 bold superhero affirmations
- Encouraging missions to inspire action
- Stunning custom artwork and images
- Saddle stitch binding that lays flat 

I've also written a post on why I chose Saddle Stitch binding and how it took me 7 Samples to get the print book right. 

The companion workbook provides 32 days of empowering exercises to reinforce the affirmations. Features include:

- Journaling pages for self-discovery
- Spiral binding for ease of use
- Glossy bold cover design

Watch the product videos below for an inside look at both print products:

Print Book Video
Workbook Video

I poured my heart and soul into creating these uplifting resources for Black women. It brings me such joy to finally share them with you today!

Learn more about my journey to creating this book:

Head to the shop now to order your copies along with any other motivational merchandise that resonates with you. Click here if you'd like to know more about how I wind down after a superhero affirmations session. 

And as always, thank you for your amazing support. Your enthusiasm keeps me going. Stay bold, stay resilient, and keep fighting for your dreams!

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Alicia McCalla photo credit Dr. Howard McCalla

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